Welcome to Pet Passion

Pet Passion is the place to be if you are a pet lover. We pamper your pets and are dedicated to all of your pet’s needs. We specialize in pet grooming, making sure that your pet receives the best service and attention.

We offer a wide range of pet products such as accessories, toys, shampoos, treats and food.

Our Grooming Saloon
Profile of Our Groomer
Angeline, master groomer at Pet Passion comes with years of experience in the grooming industry. She started work as an assistant groomer in 1995 because of her love and passion of pets/animals. Wanting to be efficient in her dealings with dogs and cats, she underwent intensive training and courses at the New York School of Dog Grooming. She became a professional groomer in 1998 and decided to start her own grooming parlour. Hence, the birth of Pet Passion on 8th of August 1999.